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My name is Angela Vitek and I am currently a junior in the LCSC nursing program. I grew up in Gooding, ID, which is a little community located in Southern Idaho. I have a couple of facts so you can get to know me a little better through this awesome posting, so brace yourself. I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas, I was on an episode of Pawn Stars, and I love playing on intramural sports teams. I would love to get to know all of you better so don't hesitate to stop by and chat this semester. Good luck to everyone as a new semester of school begins.


Hi! I am Sekayi and my name means joy. I am from Caldwell, Idaho and I pursuing a career in nursing. I love to draw and journal and play the fiddle. I'm an art geek through and through. I'm an LCSC Explorer and I love volunteering at the local Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter. I can't wait to get to know everyone, so please feel free to stop by if you need anything. 


Hey, I'm Kayla! I'm a junior in the nursing program at LCSC. I grew up in Boise, ID. I've been a vegetarian for 5 years. I like kickboxing, playing the piano, and singing. I love long walks on the beach, so it was a dream come true when I studied abroad in the Virgin Islands for a semester. I would love to talk to all of you, so feel free to come talk or hang out any time! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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