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New Resident Manager! 
Stop by and meet the new Resident Manager, Rebecca.  

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College Place Residence Hall FAQs



What is my address?

Your address will be:

Your Name

College Place, Suite Number and Room Letter

814 4th Street

Lewiston, ID 83501


You will need to use the address above for packages and letters.  If your address is not correct, with your suite number and room letter, you most likely will not receive the mail.  This address is also used for Express Mail, DHL, UPS or Federal Express.


When is my mail delivered to my mailbox?

College Place mail will no longer be distributed via LCSC.  The US Postal Service will deliver mail to College Place daily, Monday Ė Saturday.  All deliveries for Federal Express, UPS, DHL, etc. need to be handled by you.  If you are not in your room when they attempt to delivery your package, it will be your responsibility to pick up the package or be present when they make a second delivery attempt.


Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

College Place does NOT require you to purchase a meal plan.  However should you want to purchase a meal plan, please see the Residence Life website at http://www.lcsc.edu/reslife


Where do I get my parking permit?

You will receive your College Place parking permit when you check-in and submit a completed vehicle registration form.  The College Place parking permit is ONLY valid in the College Place parking lot.  There is no cost for a College Place parking permit.  You MUST have an LCSC parking permit to park anywhere else on campus.  Your LCSC parking permit may be obtained from the Cashierís window in the Administration Building, the Student Union Building Information Desk or through the Security office locating in the basement of the Fine Arts Building.  You can also download a parking permit from the Security website, http://www.lcsc.edu/security.


Where do I park?

College Place has a parking lot adjacent to the building.  To park in this lot, you will need your College Place Parking Permit.  There are also several parallel parking spaces located at the rear of College Place.  Street parking is not allowed overnight. 


When and where do I pay my fees?

Fees are to be paid by personal check or cashierís check and mailed to the following address:


College Place

814 4th Street, Office

Lewiston, ID 83501


Each semester will be billed separately.  $2,695 for the Fall semester and $2,275 for the Spring semester.  The payment options for each semester are as follows:

1)    Pay in Full: Due at the time of check-in.

2)    Pay by Installment:
     Fall 2013 Semester:
     $1,000 due  on or before 8/22/2013
     $847.50 + $50 service fee ($897.50 total) on orefore 9/22/2013
     $847.50 + $50 service fee ($897.50 total) on or before 10/22/2013

     Spring 2014 Semester:
     $1,000 due on or before 1/10/2014
     $637.50 + $50 service fee ($687.50 total) on or before 2/10/2014
     $637.50 + $50 service fee ($687.50 total) on or before 3/10/2014

3) If you will be using financial aid funds to pay your rent, a copy of your financial aid documents must be submitted along with a $300 deposit. The $300 deposit will be credited towards your rent when your payment is made in full.

Please contact Rebecca Ellison at the College Place office at 208.553.5812 if other arrangements need to be made.  Cash payments will not be accepted.


What happens to my deposit?

Your deposit of $200 will be returned to you when you move out of College Place.  If there are any damages to your room, the cost of the repairs will be deducted from your deposit.

All or a portion of resident's security deposit will be forfeited if resident's room/suite requires additional cleaning and/or repair upon check out.  If the common area in a suite requires additional cleaning or repair, all students in that suite will forfeit all or a portion of their security deposit. 

If you will be returning to College Place the following semester, your deposit will roll over. 

Am I required to pay an Activity Fee?

No, College Place does not require an activity fee.  The Activity Fee previously set in place supports the Residence Hall Association.  We strongly encourage students to contact Residence Life regarding participating in the RHA.


What is the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and how can I get involved?

The Residence Hall Association is a student group with the residence halls.  RHA is the voice of the Residence Hall students for all of campus.  They coordinate events for the Residence Hall students, attend regional and national leadership conferences, and are involved with service projects within the local community.  We strongly urge to get involved with the RHA.


What do I do with my keys?

You will be issued three keys at check-in; one each for your suite & bedroom, your mailbox and the common area.  If you lose your keys, you will be responsible for covering the cost of any necessary lock and key replacement.  If you get locked out, contact your RA to unlock your door.

If you will be returning to College Place for the Spring Semester, you will turn in your keys prior to Winter break and your things may remain in your room.  You will be re-issued keys when you return from Winter break and payment is received.  College Place is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

If you will not be returning to College Place, you must turn you keys into the College Place office when you check-out.  Failure to comply with check-out procedure may result in forfeiting all or a portion of your deposit. 


Will all College Place Residents be LCSC students?

Yes, we will continue to rent only to LCSC students.


How do I contact College Place Management?

There will be someone from the College Place Management team on site 5 days per week and we are always available by phone and/or email.


College Place Management

Office Ė 208.750.4701

Resident Manager, Rebecca Ellison  208.553.5812

Email Ė lewisclarkcollegeplace@gmail.com

What furniture is provided for my room?

College place bedrooms are each furnished with a single bed, study desk and chair, and a wardrobe (please see suite photos for examples.)  These suites are not furnished in the common area.  You will need to bring items you would like to furnish the apartment with, including wastepaper baskets, cleaning supplies, kitchen dishes, microwaveable pans, sofa, chairs, TVs, etc.  Shower curtains are provided.  College Place has wireless Internet and television cable in each private bedroom and in the shared living space. Click here to view pictures of one of our Suites.


What should I bring with me?

Personal Items: We suggest bringing items that will help your room feel like home, such as posters, pictures, a fan, pillows, linens/blankets, stereo, towels & wash cloths, computer, desk lamp and a clock.  You will be responsible for cleaning your own suite, so please bring a small vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies.


Please do NOT flush paper towels, feminine products, tissues or anything other than toilet paper; other items will clog the toilets and you will need to wait until we have maintenance fix the problem.


College Place Kitchenettes

The kitchenettes include ample cupboard space, sink, one microwave and one full sized refrigerator.  It is the residentís responsibility to provide cookware, dishes, silverware, glasses, etc., as well as cleaning supplies.  The quad-style units are similar to renting an apartment.  All kitchen items need to be provided by the residents.  All residents are responsible for cleaning their suites.  Residents are responsible for bringing their garbage to the dumpster outside of the building.  

Can I have a refrigerator in my bedroom?

 Yes, you may have a DORM SIZED refrigerator in your bedroom. 


Items that are PROHIBITED in College Place

The electrical system within the hall is not designed to carry heavy loads of electrical equipment.  For that reason and because of other safety concerns, open-faced electric or heating appliances such as hot plates, broilers and space heaters are prohibited.  Residents may have and use appliances with closed coil elements such as coffee pots, toasters, toaster ovens and crock pots. 


Smoking and Tobacco Use

Smoking and chewing tobacco is prohibited inside of College Place.  Smoking and chewing is permitted outside of the building, at least 25 feet away from any entrances, air intakes or windows.  There are two smoker stations by the dumpster outside of College Place.  Please use these stations and discard of cigarette ashes/buttes properly. 


Keep in mind that students have the right to be free of exposure from smoke and the hazards associated with or caused by smoking.  Students who disagree with smoking or exposure to smoke should make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter amongst themselves.  Chewing tobacco on walls, carpet or in water fountains will be considered damage and will be charged to residents accordingly.


Alcohol Guidelines

Only individuals 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol and ONLY in the privacy of their own room unless ALL individuals present in the suite are 21 or older.  Students of legal drinking age will be held responsible for any minor caught drinking in their suite and/or room.


Violations of this policy will be handled by the College Place Office.  A first offense may lead to eviction without a refund of any fees.


What is the guest policy at College Place?

Guests are defined as any individual who is not a contracted resident of the specific room or building in question.  Each guest must be escorted at all times by a resident of the building.  The resident will be responsible for the behavior of his or her guest.  Guests are expected to comply with all College Place regulations and policies.  Guests of residents may be asked to leave if they are violating policies, damaging property or show the potential to cause harm to themselves or others.


Only individuals assigned to a room may reside in that room.  Overnight guests are permitted only with the permission of the suite-mates.  Residents are permitted 10 nights per semester to host overnight guests.  Overnight guests may stay no more than 2 consecutive nights.  Students are to notify their Resident Assistant 24 hours prior to the guestís arrival. 


Where do I get my phone?

College Place does not provide phone service.


Is there a computer hookup?

College Place now offers wireless Internet as well as a hardwired Internet for your studying needs.  To use the wireless internet you will require an 802-11 wireless internet card on your computer.  You will be issued a user name and password to access the wireless internet along with a Cat5 cable for the hardwired connection, at check-in for the hardwired Internet, each bedroom is equipped with a compatible wall socket.  If you lose your cable, you will be responsible for covering the cost of replacement.


Can we have pets?

No pets are allowed in College Place except for aquarium fish.  Turtles, frogs, hermit crabs or any other aquarium life are NOT permitted.


Iím interested in getting involved on campus, where can I find out about clubs and organizations?

For information on activities and organizations on campus, contact the Clubs & Organizations Office at 208.792.2804.  The office is located in the Student Union Building, room 208.  For information on activities within College Place, contact your RA.


Computers, Printers and Copiers

There are two large computer labs on campus, one in the Library in room 172 and one in the Student Union Building in room 202.  Photocopies can be made in the Student Union Building or in the Library for a fee.  Please check with the Student Union Building and the Library for hours of operation and fees.


Can I apply for a room if I havenít registered for classes?

Yes.  You must have been issued at least tentative acceptance from the Admissions Office, completed a housing application, signed and returned the College Place Rental Agreement and paid the $200 deposit before your room will be assigned.  You MUST be a FULL TIME LCSC student to reside at College Place.


What if I donít know my ID number?

You will need to contact LCSC to obtain your ID number.  You will need to provide College Place with your ID number once you have it.


For more information contact the College Place Office at 208.553.5812 or lewisclarkcollegeplace@gmail.com. 








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